Article XVIII - Recall of Officers or Directors

Section 1. Officers and Directors of the Caucus shall ethically and satisfactorily perform the duties of their office. If an Officer or Director of the Caucus fails to ethically and satisfactorily perform the duties of their office, then such person may be removed for cause, following appropriate notice and hearing. It will be the responsibility of the Co-Chairs and/or the Steering Committee to ask the officer/director for their resignation or enforce removal procedures.

Section 2:  Recall procedures: 

  • A. Recommendations for recall can be made by submission of petition of members of the Caucus.

  • B. The petition should be submitted to the entire Steering Committee and list the reasons for such an action. The petition must contain signatures from at least 10 members per Zone.

Section 3: Removal procedures:

  • A. The Steering Committee will notify any officer/director who has been recommended for recall within 10 business days. The officer/director will then have the opportunity to respond to the Steering Committee in writing within 10 business days. 

  • B. A vote to suspend the officer/director and schedule a hearing at the next NEA RA will require an 80% vote of the Steering Committee. The Steering committee vote must occur within 10 business days of the response and may be held by conference call.

  • C. Notification of the recall hearing, the recall petition, the notification of charges, and the officer/director response will be posted prior to the first business meeting.

  • D. The recall hearing will be held during the first business meeting of the Caucus at the NEA RA. Petitioners and the officer/director will be allowed 10 minutes each to address the Caucus.

  • E. A successful recall shall consist of 2/3 of members voting.  Voting will follow the procedures outlined in the Bylaws and Standing Rules.